A total of 900,000 new jobs in France

If we do nothing (or nothing serious), we go to climate chaos. But it’s not too late to act; It is still possible to redeem the lost time. It was still possible, in Europe and throughout the planet, to go for factor 4: dividing our 2050 greenhouse gas emissions by 4.

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New resources for the EU budget

How to erase new resources for the EU budget? This is the question of whether Emmanuel Macron asked in his speeches by Athens and Sorbonne when he stated that he wanted “a budget of several hundred billions of euros” for Europe. A high-level group chaired by Mario Monti, the former Italian president of the Council, worked on this issue. Its results made public in early 2017, return to Honor an idea once defended by Jacques Delors: create a tax on European companies.

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Climate change, agriculture and food

If you want to invest in reducing the impact of global warming on agriculture and food, there are three types of actions that need to be taken, because this sector relates to trimulers, simultaneously act as:

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